Upcoming Presentation Training Seminars

The following is a list of upcoming public, open enrollment presentation training workshops in Houston, San Jose, Chicago, Jersey City. For more information, to book a seat, or to request a seminar in your city please contact us.

"This class introduced many techniques that I can incorporate into my presentations in the future to be more structured and to better communicate the meaning of what I am presenting."

Lyndsey Hucko, HR Systems Specialist - Winnipeg, Manitoba

"Excellent course! The instructor provided us with great tools that allow us to take our presentation skills to the next level. I feel much more confident in being able to close more details."

Brian Smoot - Houston, Texas

"It really aided in overcoming the nervousness that typically happens during a presentation and brought to light the need to know your material and practice it seemlessly. "

Jessica Atherley, Quality Manager - Salt Lake City, Utah

"Instructor was great, good constructive criticism, great pointers for ways to improve presentation skills on an individual basis"

Tyler Clayton, Graduate Engineer - Houston, Texas

"Instructor was great! Absolutely fantastic. Very knowledgeable and detail oriented. She provided very valuable tools to help me."

Abigail Canlas, Sales - New York, New York

"I learned many ways that I can improve my presentation techniques"

Kaitlin Bahr - Houston, Texas